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Gibbs Banaś

Associate Principal Architect, Business Intelligence & Reporting Solutions

Gibbs is a 20-year IT industry veteran, with a focus on business intelligence for over 16 of those years. While he spent a great deal of time as a contractor — working independently or through third-party consulting firms — prior to joining Aureus Tech Systems, Gibbs also spent five years working for Microsoft Consulting Services and a couple of other larger consulting firms, where he delivered Microsoft BI platform-centric solutions.


Gibbs has a passion for consulting and uses his analytical and strategic strengths to bring sound and extensible BI solutions to his clients. Travel is a favorite pastime for Gibbs, second to being out in nature, hiking, biking or running. Education is also extremely important; learning new technologies, methodologies and techniques is a constant necessity to enable clients to be proactive instead of reactive in reaching their goals and to help them make more competitive decisions. This often puts Gibbs in front of a computer, evaluating new software or reading blogs and books, or out at IT conferences.