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Sreekanth Mandadi

Principal Architect, Enterprise Content Management, e-Discovery & Enterprise Cloud Transformations

For more than 10 years, Sreekanth Mandadi has demonstrated success in leading, managing and delivering technology projects in software development and software as a service.


At Aureus, Sreekanth’s global responsibility is enterprise cloud transformations through Microsoft technologies. He is also in charge of developing, implementing and supporting all of Aureus’s commercial software and practice tools, including the integration of third-party alliance solutions.


Sreekanth’s specialties include technology strategic planning, business process re-engineering, application development, systems integration, architecture and design, alliance formation, software selection and implementation, project management, and data integration and management. He uses his expertise to deliver IT consulting solutions that help clients enhance their business performance through risk management, operational effectiveness and profitability.


In his free time, Sreekanth enjoys the Colorado weather while hiking, exploring the Colorado mountains and playing tennis.