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A World’s Top 5 Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Case Study

Products & Services Used:

Workflow Automation, Business Intelligence, AI, Application Modernization


One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies has always been rich in data, and this data was increasing exponentially. However, their legacy system was struggling to keep up with bringing together, housing, disseminating, sharing, and analyzing this data. The company’s communication and collaboration methods were also proving to be inefficient, especially with the growing numbers of employees located across the country.


Aureus built a centralized, one-stop-shop Digital Workplace Solution, consisting of eight Line of Business Applications that served a multitude of departments (namely MSLs, HR, R&D, Quality Assurance, Histology, Sales, Marketing, and all general employees). ​

This offered employees an easy way to connect and collaborate on reports and other documents through shared folders, video, and chats, all whilst integrating all external applications. Data was shaped into predictive analytics and visualization using Power BI. All of this was built intuitively and low-code, so employees can easily update platforms themselves, without waiting on the help of an engineer.


    Transformed four LoB applications in 3 months​

    Aggregate cost savings of $460k on Issue Management System​

    The number of back-and-forth calls and emails decreased by ~90%​

    Platform developed time decreased by 75% due to low-code engineering​

    Employees were able to readily gain the information they needed 60% more of the time​

    100% server less architecture​

    Modern, extensible UI using angular JS and HTML5​

    Micro-services based architecture​

    Infrastructure cost based on usage​

    Reduced headcount and licensing costs