Customer Testimonials



of all shapes and sizes

Customer Testimonials



of all shapes and sizes

"Our vision was to make CRM invisible and transfer customer insights into native apps of our market-facing teams. A new standard in CRM. Aureus helped us achieve that."


Tobias Maeder

Digital Transformation Leader of Customer Experience, Swiss Re


Alex Coviello

Director of Operations


“Anvesa has been a seamless experience. Data processing and manipulation is all done for me—all I had to do was log into the database. And any time I’ve requested support, the Anvesa team met that request right away. We were also able to significantly cull irrelevant data, resulting in 92% cost savings. I’ve used other eDiscovery platforms in the past and there is usually a major lag time with document review for larger data sizes, but not with Anvesa. From navigating Anvesa to customer service, everything is fast.”


Jason Thompson

Senior Director Engineering, North America


“Before we met Aureus, we got into a contractual bind, and Aureus got us out of it. Aureus was the only provider that could give us fast turn-around, have industry experience, asset seniority, and subject matter expertise all in one. The quality is great, but their commitment to get the job done is the icing on the cake. A true value-based and driven partner where you can feel relief is knowing that they will deliver exceptional results.”

“We’ve use two other eDiscovery systems that just didn’t have the functionality and price point we needed. After learning about Anvesa®’s low-cost structure and features, it was an easy decision to switch. Many platforms don’t have the functionality Anvesa® does, and if they do, it’s not in as user-friendly of a format or structure. Anvesa® really is an easier platform to use, and the transition to it was seamless.”


Quentin Templeton



Paul Fitzgerald

Global Distribution Management Leader, Swiss Re


"Customer 360, co-created with Aureus, is transformational in addressing the inverse relationship we had with 'data in' vs 'value out' for our users, ultimately leading to better relationships."

“Aureus allowed us to grow our company in both corporate intranet and IoT solutions, providing us the analytics and insights to help us operate and market better. We had a previous provider, but we moved to Aureus to introduce new technology at an cost-efficient price point. We feel rest-assured and confident that Aureus will execute and deliver a high quality product at a cost-effective price. And out of 138 teams, we won ‘The President’s Award’ because of the solution we partnered with them on. Professional, innovative, and committed. I’d 100% recommend Aureus. It’s why we keep coming back for different solutions.”


Neeta Patil

Associate Director, Emerging Technology & Digital Solutions


Prasad Naik

VP of Tribe Technology


"We chose Aureus to build and implement our Customer engagement platform after exploring several market standard products. Aureus brings real value to the table with their deep understanding of the domain and pushing the envelope with evolving technology and business trends. It's great to see engineering teams driven by a passion while developing quality products to scale and solutions that maximize our return on investment."

“Anvesa is the BEST eDiscovery tool I have used so far.”


Josh Y



Heather McAuliffe

Knowledge Management Manager


“BIG thanks to [Aureus] for all the help they did on two key SharePoint 365 extranet projects we had this year – the COVID-19 Tracker (a paid client subscription) and Client Case Tracker, an automation tool. Our clients have sent us very positive feedback, and the automations that Arun and Sharad built are saving everyone a lot of time.”

“Bob and I want to thank you, Andre and your team for all the hard work and effort you put in over the last couple of weeks to help us meet our initial deadlines in this case. It was a huge effort and we appreciate all you guys did and the amount of time it took. We also produced our privilege log today and we appreciate the training session on that.”


James Wilson



“We started the process of adapting to state of the art technology because if we didn’t, we knew we wouldn’t be able to compete with industry standards. When choosing a digital transformation partner, first and foremost, I care about how data can be leveraged to help our customers make a lot of money. Aureus is providing the customer insights we need in order to truly understand our customer and stay ahead.”


Dinesh Venugopal

Assistant VP, Business Systems