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What is a Reasonable Fee for eDiscovery?

By Arun Dushakanti

ABA Rule 1.5 states “A lawyer shall not make an agreement for, charge, or collect an unreasonable fee or an unreasonable amount for expenses.” In line with this rule, ABA Ethics Opinion 08-451 clarifies that a lawyer can charge a […]

Making the Most of Metadata for E-Discovery 

By Peter Azzi Esq.

The term meta is an adjective that describes something that refers to itself or is self-referential. Metadata, therefore, is data that refers to the data set from which it was pulled. An example would include file size. Metadata reveals nothing […]

The Problem of Redacting Excel Spreadsheets 

By Peter Azzi Esq.

Redacting spreadsheets is the great bane of attorneys and E-Discovery professionals. Even technological innovation and the addition of the “E” or “Electronic” to “Discovery” was not able to ameliorate the burden created by spreadsheets. It was still a tedious, and […]

Anvesa Data Security

Data Security and E-Discovery – How Anvesa® Brings Safety and Accessibly to Your Confidential Data

By Peter Azzi Esq.

Data security is not an issue to be taken lightly. In the US, 64% of companies have suffered a cyber-attack and 53% of health care companies have experienced at least one data breach.* In response to these growing dangers, countries, […]

The Need for Bulk Redactions

By Peter Azzi Esq.

The amount of electronically stored information (ESI), or datasphere, is growing exponentially. Not surprisingly, E-Discovery can be over 20% of total litigation costs. On average the actual reviewing of docs is 73% of E-discovery costs. When needed, redactions are the […]

Quality Engineering

Paradigm Shift from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering

By Peter Azzi Esq.

The multiplication of innovations and the immense accessibility of data have changed the way administrations and products are made and delivered. These progressions are making it conceivable to deal with the nature of items such as the client’s untimed requirements/changes, […]

Can Traditional Insurance Companies Compete with Disruptive Insure-Tech?

By Peter Azzi Esq.

How Aureus Tech Systems is Helping Traditional Insurance Companies Win Using Data Powered by Cloud and AI In 2019, Aureus Tech Systems realized that the solutions and products they’ve built – and were building—would be extremely valuable within the insurance […]

An Anvesa and Faruqi & Faruqi Case Study

Anvesa® eDiscovery Platform Offers Leading Wall Street Law Firm 92% Cost Savings

By Peter Azzi Esq.

 eDiscovery Case Study Products, Services, & Technology Used Anvesa eDiscovery Review, AI, ML, predictive tagging, TF-IDF (Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency i.e. Word Cloud), concept search. Challenges In our first meeting, Faruqi & Faruqi communicated to us that they were experiencing […]

An Interview with University of Central Missouri’s Aureus Equity in Education Annual Scholarship Recipient, Riley Corbitt

By Peter Azzi Esq.

At Aureus, we obviously believe that the future is technology, especially Big Data & Analytics, AI, and cloud computing. There are so many brilliant minds in this world who, with the right tools and resources, can accomplish miraculous things.   “As a UCM […]

Insurance is Getting Smarter: How AI and IoT Will Transform the Industry

By Peter Azzi Esq.

AI and IoT have significantly transformed the insurance industry; from streamlining operations to personalizing customers’ products, these technologies are going to define the world of insurance. By 2023, the insurtech market is expected to reach $1,119.8 million and grow at a […]