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The Problem of Redacting Excel Spreadsheets 

Redacting spreadsheets is the great bane of attorneys and E-Discovery professionals. Even technological innovation and the addition of the “E” or “Electronic” to “Discovery” was not able to ameliorate the burden created by spreadsheets. It was still a tedious, and time-consuming endeavor. 

Redacting spreadsheets that are tiffed, for example, can be worse than redacting printed sheets with a marker. Tiffed spreadsheets are cut up, going left to right, top to bottom. Rows and columns must be manually lined up as the reviewer pages through the document. So, if all of row seven must be redacted, a reviewer must count down seven rows on the second, third, and how many ever pages the spreadsheet goes to the right. Redacting spreadsheets in a static, imaged environment creates many opportunities for human error and is not the answer. 

Anvesa’s® Native Excel Redaction Solution 

Anvesa is proud to announce our in-house developed native Excel redaction capabilities. Redactions can be placed on a single cell or multiple cells with the click and drag of a mouse. With the entire spreadsheet viewable in its native state, reviewers can make redactions faster and with greater accuracy in stark contrast to disjointed images. 

The efficiencies gained from Native Excel redactions, however, are not enough for Anvesa team. We also included bulk redaction. Users can bulk redact four types of predefined PII, custom PII terms as needed, or search terms. With bulk redaction, what could have taken weeks, especially in the non-native Excel redaction world of the past, with its disjointed images, can now literally take seconds. 

Removal of redactions is no problem either. Individually placed redactions can be removed as easily as they were applied. Bulk redactions can also be removed on a bulk basis, so a thousand redactions can be added as easily as one thousand reactions are removed, with about four clicks through the bulk redaction interface. 

There is a quality control button that makes all redactions, regardless of how they were created, transparent. When completed, the redacted native Excels can be printed or exported with or without their redactions. 

Take a look at Anvesa’s Native Excel Redaction Solution 

By being natively built in the Cloud, Anvesa realizes large efficiencies that we pass on to our clients. This does not only translate to lower, transparent pricing with complimentary “white glove” service. We are also able to devote ample resources to R&D, leading to new releases every few months. This means the Anvesa team is never dependent on outside vendors for our features. If the marketplace does not supply a feature to our quality expectations, we will make it ourselves. See what we have built

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