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The Need for Bulk Redactions

The amount of electronically stored information (ESI), or datasphere, is growing exponentially. Not surprisingly, E-Discovery can be over 20% of total litigation costs. On average the actual reviewing of docs is 73% of E-discovery costs.

When needed, redactions are the most time consuming and arduous phase of an E-discovery project. Not only is the physical placing of redactions tedious and time consuming, but extensive quality control may be warranted. Every document with a redaction is going out the door, and in a case involving trade secrets or sensitive personal information, they could be subject to two or three rounds of quality control.

How Much Does Redacting Really Cost video estimates costs can vary from $2.00 to over $3.00 per page. This cost depends on variables like pay rate, and average pages redacted and QC’ed per hour. So, an efficient way to lower the costs of litigation is to expatiate the redaction phase of discovery. Anvesa’s® Bulk Redaction and redaction quality control features accomplish this.

How Anvesa’s® Bulk Redactions Work

Anvesa® offers the ability to apply bulk redactions to a search or selected documents, or to an individual document while working on it in the doc viewer screen.

The bulk redaction feature can apply redactions for common PII terms or search terms to multiple documents at once. The interface is fast and user friendly. After bringing up the search results there is a button for bulk redactions above the doc grid. This will bring up the Bulk Redaction interface.

Anvesa® also offers a Quick Action feature to apply bulk redactions on a particular document while working on it in the doc viewer. When viewing the search hits on a document a user can click on the thunderbolt Quick Action button. This brings up a list of all the search hits and their frequency. Simply tick the terms to be redacted and click on “Redact Selected.”

Bulk redactions can be quality controlled in a couple ways. First, if the mouse is moved over a redaction, it goes transparent. Alternatively, under Redact in the tool bar in the upper left of the doc viewer is an eyeball for redaction view mode. This makes all the redactions on a document transparent, regardless of how they were created.

The productivity of bulk redactions can be tremendous. For example, a drug mass tort case generally consist thousands of Adverse Event Reports full of different PII. Without our bulk redaction feature it would take a team of ten reviewers and two QCer’s months to apply and certify the redactions. With Anvesa®, the redactions can be applied within five clicks.

Contact Anvesa® for a Bulk Redaction Demo

Do you have a large project featuring lots of redactions? Contact Anvesa® for a free demo or see this short video of our bulk redaction capabilities. Anvesa® is a 4th Generation E-Discovery platform natively built in the cloud. Leveraging the serverless environment with supervised and unsupervised AI, Anvesa® is a seamless platform of unparalleled functionality.