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Anvesa saves Faruqi & Faruqi 92%

Anvesa® eDiscovery Platform Offers Leading Wall Street Law Firm 92% Cost Savings

 eDiscovery Case Study

Products, Services, & Technology Used

Anvesa eDiscovery Review, AI, ML, predictive tagging, TF-IDF (Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency i.e. Word Cloud), concept search.


In our first meeting, Faruqi & Faruqi communicated to us that they were experiencing challenges around 1) slow response time and lack of support and customer service with other eDiscovery review platforms 2) cost prohibitive and unpredictable pricing models with hidden fees 3) difficulty searching at the document level [in order to confirm key terms, team members needed to correlate text using dual windows between extracted text and image viewer] 4) inability to cull documents [they wanted to still be able to access archived documents if needed, but did not want to have to pay the high price of storing them].


Anvesa® eDiscovery Review platform offered Faruqi & Faruqi:

Fast response time and superior customer service:

Anvesa® is a product and service in 1, so customer support is built into our offering at no additional cost. Anvesa®’s chatbot, Annie, is able to answer common Tier 1 questions right away. This fast and automated question-answering engine frees up time for our tech support team to answer deeper level questions and provide high-touch support right away. For example, Faruqi & Faruqi requested an urgent data transfer to data load to data review, and within hours the entire process was complete. With Anvesa®, it’s never self-service.

Transparent per GB pricing and efficient cost model:

Anvesa® support equipped Faruqi with an option to search and filter out impertinent data so that they only pay fordata storage they need for any case. Anvesa®’s pricing model is a sliding scale: you never pay for space you don’t need, and the more data you use, the more value you gain and the more money you save.

Searchable documents in image viewer:

Before the image viewer, users wasted time toggling back and forth between image extracted text and the image viewer. The eDiscovery platform they were using only specified which page a key term was located on and it was required by the user to find that term within the document. With Anvesa®’s image viewer, users can see highlighted key terms right within the image viewer. Less time spent, and less stress on eyes.

Culling Using unsupervised and continuous active learning in ECA and Review:

This offer and feature in Anvesa® de-dupes and culls data even before users need to start reviewing, allowing customers to identify the most relevant data and put the rest into cold storage with no additional fee. This allowed Faruqi & Faruqi to declutter to allow for greater focus, free up space for only necessary and relevant data, and save money. Anvesa® uses Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (TFIDF), a form of unsupervised machine learning, which extracts important and contextual keywords from a large universe of documents without any human needing to comb through every sentence or word of those documents.


• With Anvesa®’s per GB, sliding scale pricing, Faruqi & Faruqi lowered storage from 212 GBs to 46 GBs, lowering the cost from $9,540 to $690, for a 92% total cost savings equaling $8,850.

• Client appreciated the ability to resurrect cold storage data quickly and at no additional cost for subsequent data review.

• Because of cost savings and exceptional customer experience, we are now Faruqi & Faruqi’s trusted advisor which has led to an 200% increase of active cases within 6 months.

“Anvesa has been a seamless experience. Data processing and manipulation is all done for me all I had to do was log into the data base. And any time I’ve requested support, the Anvesa team met that request right away. We were also able to significantly cull irrelevant data, resulting in 92% cost savings. I’ve used other eDiscovery platforms in the past and there is usually a major lag time with document review for larger data sizes, but not with Anvesa. From navigating Anvesa to customer service, everything is fast.”

– Alex Coviello, Director of Operations, Faruqi & Faruqi