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eDiscovery for Litigation

The Value of e-Discovery for Litigation

By Alli Clute

The Value of e-Discovery for Litigation The arrival of e-Discovery to supplement the arduous discovery process has been a boon for litigation, however, it has been useful for a whole range of legal processes. Because e-Discovery is a category of technologies and methods, it has a broad definition. A definition from the technology […]

Xamarin Forms and Azure Mobile Development

Xamarin.Forms and Azure Cloud Services Streamlining App Development

By Alli Clute

Mobile development is the new standard as desktop’s dominance is in slow decline.  In the C# and .NET developer communities, mobile development using Xamarin.Forms and Azure Mobile Apps is making cloud-based mobile applications development more efficient and convenient. Many of these applications are in use already. Instagram uses the cloud for photo […]

eDiscovery Predictive Coding

Impact of Predictive Coding in E-Discovery

By Alli Clute

Predictive coding must evolve with the pace of the times. To keep up with new demands within e-learning will take collaboration between programmers and industry experts alike. This will especially be true for the courts within the public sector. There are accountability measures that keep justice efficient and cost-effective, even […]

pharma digital transformation

Why Isn’t Pharma Adopting Digital Transformation?

By Alli Clute

The State of Pharma There isn’t a content management system or smart device that can easily achieve digital transformation. and this is probably the most frustrating aspect of digital progress for pharma, an industry known for automating one method of product development and delivery with little change in the routine. Health […]

Digital Transformation and Pharma

The Digital Age and Medicine: How Digital Transformations Will Affect Pharma Companies

By Alli Clute

The Digital Age and Medicine: How Digital Transformations Will Affect Pharma Companies There are a lot of possibilities out there for increasing your engagement and thus sales with customers through the means of digital transformation if you’re a pharmaceutical company. Here are some examples of core pillars for digitally transforming […]

Legacy to Azure

What Tools Help Transform from Legacy Technology to Azure

By Alli Clute

What Tools Help Transform from Legacy Technology to Azure According to a recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report on business’ transformation from on-premises to the cloud environment, 80% of the 783 business leaders surveyed believe that disruption will take aim at their industry very soon, most likely in the next three […]

Aureus CIOReview Award

Aureus Tech Systems Recognized

By Alli Clute

FREMONT, CA — December 24, 2016 — Aureus Tech Systems makes it to CIO Review’s top SharePoint Solution Providers list for its expertise in flexible delivery model providing on-premise as well as outsourced solutions that can effectively adapt to cost effectively to clients’ specific needs. Annual list showcases the 20 […]