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Are you choosing the right eDiscovery platform?

9 Critical Questions You Should be Asking When Choosing or Switching to a New eDiscovery Review Platform and Partner

“The only thing constant is change” said Heraclitus around 500 B.C. It’s true that everything in this universe is ever-changing—from the chemical structures in star dust since the dawn of time to the algorithms in machine learning today. And the technology and landscape of eDiscovery software and services is no exception. Companies (eDiscovery review providers AND eDiscovery customers alike) are faced with the question “do we change and keep up with technology OR do what’s seemingly ‘easier’ and stay put but risk lagging behind?”

Some eDiscovery review platforms are successfully technologically evolving, though many are failing, even if they’re making efforts to advance their technologies. Some are failing to evolve because they did not anticipate the high cost of software application development and simply cannot fund it. And sometimes, instead of just failing to evolve and remaining stagnant, the eDiscovery platform is dissolved completely. In any case, this leaves customers ill-equipped and needing to find another “home” for all their data. So, the search for a new eDiscovery platform begins.’s recent article speaks about the process of switching, but we’ll offer our own thoughts too.

We must start with some crucial questions. How do we choose an eDiscovery partner? Where do we begin? There is a lot to consider, but we should start with addressing the issues that put eDiscovery providers out or caused firms to switch eDiscovery platforms in the first place.

  1. Is the platform stable and how long has it been around?

Before Anvesa® was built, extensive R&D was done to ensure the product was thoroughly tested and built for ongoing success and stability. After years of testing and iterations, Anvesa® has grown into a mature and trusted eDiscovery platform that virtually eliminates customer risk and has led to an endorsement by Microsoft. In the last one year, Anvesa®’s customer adoption rate has grown 350% as increasingly more firms take on Anvesa® as their eDiscovery platform of choice. And because Anvesa® is engineered and powered by Aureus, it’s not just a singular eDiscovery platform, but a product backed by an entire tech force of top engineers and PhDs. With Anvesa®, customers get an eDiscovery platform and tech company in 1. Always stable; always ahead of the game.

2. Can the platform seamlessly scale to accommodate large cases and more users?

Many eDiscovery platforms are built on-premises, so when attorneys log onto the system, it causes system errors and slowness. This leaves the firm in a conundrum as it is not able to instantly scale up and add cases and staff/users at will. In Anvesa®’s case, because we are built in Azure native cloud and possesses “unlimited” compute, the platform is elastic and can natively scale up resources when load is high for a seamless experience. Inversely, Anvesa® can also scale down with your firm’s users and case load so you’re not paying for space you don’t need.

3. Can the platform intelligently evolve with increasing technology?

Firms often find themselves needing to switch eDiscovery platforms because the platform’s architecture is not set up for integrating the new technologies needed to win cases. Anvesa® is already cloud-based and uses the most cutting-edge technology now but is also able to easily and swiftly integrate new technologies as they arise, so customers never need to worry about switching platforms again. As an example, Anvesa® has integrated Microsoft Teams into the platform and is a step ahead of other platforms and already working on integrating Teams chat.

4. How quickly and easily does the platform make improvements based on customer feedback?

Aureus, being a cloud-native and an R&D-first company, allows us to be truly agile and incorporate customer-suggested improvements. Generally, 6 to 8 weeks is all that is needed to make product updates. Anvesa® was also built using our Aureus accelerators or “Lego blocks” which allow us constantly push updates and overall innovation to our customers with speed and accuracy.

5. Is your platform saving you the most time and getting you the most important data possible?

Point blank, the only way this can occur is if a platform utilizes AI-driven early case assessment and predictive coding. Anvesa® leverages deep learning models (as opposed to just machine learning) to learn from user’s actions to find answers faster and easier—every time. We know attorneys receive a lot of junk data, so Anvesa® performs the initial data classification for you in early case assessment using unsupervised learning.

7. Is the eDiscovery platform’s pricing model in the customer’s best interest?

We often hear from our customers that they get “nickel and dimed” for every project management request. Our pricing is based on a sliding scale, so you only pay for the space you need. There is also no additional cost for license or any project management. We also offer free culling of data using our early case assessment and search application so that you only store and pay for data that is relevant

8. Is the platform able to support both large and small cases?

Aureus has built Anvesa® so that large and small cases and firms alike can use the platform. Anvesa® offers all-inclusive pricing for early case assessment, Technology Assisted Review (using neural networks and deep learning), and production all in one per-GB sliding scale storage cost. We are not here to maximize revenue from one litigation project—we want to be your true long-term trusted partner who grows with you.

Now, after we’ve answered these questions, we need to consider one of the next critical steps: migrating/transferring all that data and finding a ‘safe home’ for it.

9. Is the platform just a self-service product or does it include customer service—and is migration included?

After choosing an eDiscovery platform, whether it’s your first platform or you’re switching platforms, there is a lot of set-up work, and you definitely don’t want to be doing all this work alone. You need experts who will help you along the way. Sadly, many eDiscovery platforms are self-service, come with extremely limited support, or charge extra for it. However, Anvesa® is a product & service in 1 that offers high-touch support—at no extra cost—with whatever the customer needs every step along the way. Migration and data transfer is included in our “all-in” eDiscovery package. There’s no need to pay extra, burden an employee, or hire a vendor to help with migration. We’ve led numerous data migrations and have several PhD Data Scientists on staff who help with the migration and validate that your data and work product is moved over simply and securely.  

We’re not only an eDiscovery review platform, but a technology company that serves all your technology needs. We work with you and your team to create a plan, execute on that plan, and train you and your team how to use the platform.

Most of us have been through a big move, from moving from our family home to college, to moving our family across states with all our precious belongings in a U-Haul. It’s a large endeavor, and usually not one of our favorite things in the world, but the bottom line is we do it because we must. We do it because on the other side of the big move lies greater opportunities and advancement. We do it to ultimately better position ourselves. Even though we might fear the unknown a bit, we know that making this change will yield greater return in the long run. And the more support we have in the process, the easier and safer that move and change becomes.

We understand the importance of eDiscovery and the gravity of data migration. Aureus is your trusted technology partner and advisor who helps your organization get through this change and navigate it from beginning to end. Change is inevitable, but there’s no need to go at it alone!

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