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IoT, AI, ML, Business Intelligence, Serverless Cloud Computing


Allergan had challenges pertaining to log file processing, software upgrades, antiquated and inefficient device notifications, and product support with its CoolSculpting device– a medical a nonsurgical, scientifically proven technology that freezes and reduces stored fat tissue. Specific Problems are enumerated below.


Aureus created Cool Connect 2.0 —an Azure IoT solution that connects CoolSculpting devices to the cloud. Connected to Azure cloud, Cool Connect 2.0 collects and provisions data automatically (using Aureus Predictive Visualization & Analytics) and shapes and presents it in a meaningful way. 


1. Address Device malfunction and machine log information remotely​

2. Manage software updates remotely​

3. Simple and easy disseminate of device utilization information to product for clean review  and analysis of utilization reports​

4. Move real-time notifications that track the status and progress of the device


    Deployed solution to 2,000+ plus doctor’s offices across the world, all managed from one operations center, remotely from the U.S.

See below for more details

Log File Processing


Medical devices generates A LOT of logs. (Measurement Logs, Error Logs, Usage Logs) frequently. ​

    Random log errors can occur while performing a treatment, causing broken, inaccurate data and device malfunction​

    Product support specialist is needed to travel to machine wasting time and money​

    The necessary quick access and review of these logs by the product support team can be interrupted, which hinders customer service


    Azure resources like Function Apps and Data Factory are implemented to process raw logs and insert the data into appropriate Azure Tables for further processing​

    Providing remote access to the logs eliminates a need for physical product support. Better customer service and saves time and money.​

    Power BI Reports drills down into and filters logs to a particular device—sometimes based on the timestamp to pinpoint the log data.


Realtime logs - Significant Cost Savings by eliminating Technician Appointments - Increased Customer Satisfaction​

photo_2021-06-13 14.10.46

Software Updrage using IoT Hub


Software upgrades are needed for better usability, to fix bugs, upgrade specific applicator, and add new applicators, but software upgrades are generic “all or nothing”. ​

​—     Windows. Performs necessary normal OS updates, but not specific to device or attachments.​

    Main CoolSculpting interface. One generic update applied to all different device models can cause incompatibility errors,  download failures, and use up unnecessary resources. ​

    Applicators. All-or-nothing software updates don’t allow for updates unique to that applicator, causing unnecessary software installment.​

​Lack of software update targeting capability: upgrades need to be pushed for a certain group of devices based on location of the devices, like City, Country, etc. Or batch of specific devices based on Device Software, serial #, or Hardware version ​


Using Azure IoT hub, we have connected all devices to the IoT ecosystem. This enables:​

    Device-specific and targeted updates and upgrades.​

    Us to combine tech data and customer data to push updates to specific devices based on targeted location. ​

    The devices to be centrally registered with Azure IoT Hub for secured communication.​

    Seamless filtering of device(s) with IoT hub ​


    Upgrade Devices Remotely​

    Reduce In Person Technician Visits​

    Significant Cost Savings​

    Filter & Upgrade Devices based on location or Device-Related Parameters

Real Time Remote Notifications


To track the progress of the devices (Device Start, Stop, Ready etc.,) previously the doctor’s offices used pager systems, which brought on disadvantages:​

    Notifications Radius (Pager System only works within 1-mile radius) ​

    Dependency on additional hardware (Pager System)​

    Limited Notification Types​

    Cost involved in procuring & setting up Pager system on customer end​

    Lack of extensibility with notification


Implemented Azure resources like Logic App, Service Bus & Twilio (Messaging Service)​​

    Notifications are sent as text messages to the customers’ registered phones. ​

    Notifications are extensible​

    Easy to register with customer cell phone​


    Eliminates additional hardware & radius limitations ​

    Extensibility in notification types​

    Significant cost savings 

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Product Support Application


    Currently user needs to login to multiple Azure resources to search & upgrade a software package.​

    Product support team needs to be trained on Azure.​

    There is always dependency on resources contained in Azure, but there many resources dispersed within Azure and navigation can be complicated for users.​

    Security and permissions are complicated. This introduces significant delay in customer issue resolution.


    We deliver a centralized product support application. This is a one shop stop for Searching, Managing and Upgrading devices with a user-friendly design.​

    All device related reports are streamlined and integrated within the application. Product support does not need to leave the application for viewing the reports. We have tailored the platform to the user’s day-to-day business operations.