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Forbes Law Group

Case Study

Products & Services Used:

Azure Cloud Native Services, Angular JS


Forbes Law was faced with the overall challenge of increasing efficiency. Specifically scaling of resources, automating manual processes, monitoring data and process effectiveness, managing a dispersed patient base and healthcare network, and protecting sensitive data. They posed to Aureus the following questions:​

​—     How do we get the data from the care providers in most efficient way? 

    How can we best track information on each case? ​

    How do we ensure we are optimizing collections on behalf of our clients?​

    What is the best way for us to scale our business without adding expensive resources?


Now, for thousands of claims, an automated and efficient workflow takes place…​

    System automatically extracts data​

    Automatically chooses the right formula for the specific claim system ​

    Attorney intelligently reviews and accepts analysis​

    Report explaining how much the insurance company should be paying and why is automatically generated and delivered to insurance company


    Reduced data validation by 89 hours​

    Reduced contracts analysis by 42 hours​

    Reduced data input hours by 14 hours​

    Reduced claim processing by 5 hours​

    Redesigned process deployed in 2.5 months vs 9 months for traditional approach​

    100% server less architecture​

    Ability to expand business without adding expensive resources​

    On track to track and enhance payment claims ​

    Improved data reliability​

    Superior analytics, dashboards for results visibility