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Harris County Attorney General Office

Case Study

Products & Services Used:

Intelligent Document Storage and Search Use Case

Scenario & Goal:

The attorney begins the process of suing a certain party and after the case starts, the attorney needs to provide those documents to the party being sued. The attorney general’s office needed to streamline this process and implement an efficient way to store, index, search, and produce documents.

Problem - Before Aureus:

​A group of ~6 - 8 attorneys in different departments used numerous different ways to produce the documents e.g. mailed flash drives, email, Dropbox, etc. which introduced inefficiencies and security issues). I.e. DropBox was hacked several times. The sender was also unable to verify that that documents were received. ​

​—     User count: 6-8​

    Data usage: 100GB

Solution - After Aureus:

Introduced a cost-effective storage, intelligent search, and document retrieval via ShareFile (a product of Citrix) across the board to all of the users. Every user used the same method of file transfer. Seamless, secure, authenticated, encrypted uploads and downloads with file transfer verification. ​

    User count: 40. Went from 6-8 users to 40. A department of 8 users tested this, and it was proven to be so successful that multiple departments and a total group of ~40 attorneys adopted the application. Now, 40+ attorneys use the same, unified application, enabling them to accomplish daily tasks more efficiently.​

    ​Data usage: 100 GB. Increased data usage from 100 GB to 1.09 TB because of the seamless scaling and data management of the application.​

    Uptime and Availability of up to 99.9%