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Case Study


Workflow Automation, Business Intelligence


Multiple professional services clients shared a common challenge: They needed to digitally send sensitive information, but they lacked a secure and structured system. Instead, they emailed manually versioned documents to their clients. This caused a large communication gap, resulting in missed timelines, missing information and attachments, and negatively affected working relationships.


Aureus discovered two primary factors contributed to the communication gap: Clients didn’t read the emails, and there were too many follow-up calls to clarify the correct document version.

We knew our solution needed to be utilized by both our clients and their clients. It needed to have the same look and feel of any client-facing application, but it also needed the backbone capabilities of SharePoint, and it needed to be responsive across all operating systems and devices.  

We developed an HTML5 and Angular JS-based responsive user interface supported by SharePoint’s robust document management system. Additionally, we implemented a workflow to bring in the level of oversight required in key communication and a chat feature to allow for real-time collaboration between the associates and their clients. In most cases, there were global, multi-location rollouts of the application.


Time spent on collaboration, communication and approvals decreased by 10–30 percent.